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A Mystery/suspense series: Darcy Farthing Adventures.  A beautiful scientist uses her considerable wit and concern for humanity to solve puzzling crimes that threaten to engulf those closest to her.  Six complex, thoughtful, fast-paced stories with intrigue, romance, travel, and contemporary themes. Featuring an endearing cast of characters with exotic settings on land and sea.

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Book One Currents Deep and Deadly: The adventure begins here on a highly unusual and frightening cruise around South America, where nothing is as it seems and there’s no safe haven.

You can truly believe you have a handle on how your little slice of life fits into the whole pie. But just when you think pepperoni is all you’ll ever need, someone dumps a bunch of mushrooms and peppers on top, and suddenly a mind-blowing revelation smacks you in the mouth. My name is Darcy Farthing, and this is my slice-of-life-with-everything-on-it story.”  Darcy Farthing–Currents Deep and Deadly

In three intertwining chronicles blended into one fast-paced journey, Darcy Farthing offers tidbits of history and geography from her travel log of South American seaports, spins a tale of murder and madness aboard a cruise ship, and reveals her own devastating but enlightening personal crisis. On a supposedly romantic voyage, Darcy encounters a series of unbelievable coincidences with links to her early life, a time she has tried hard to forget. Before the trip is over, she meets the man who could be her soul mate, battles a psychotic shipboard killer, and runs headlong into her carefully hidden past. She breaks free of her emotional prison—but at what price? The wondrous and terrifying events of this monthlong adventure meld together in ways that threaten to either complete her life or destroy it.

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Book Two Currents of Vengeance: Waves of vengeance follow the characters who travel back to the crime scene to bring a murderer to justice
Book Three Current Assets: Back on land in SW Florida, murder & government corruption test friendships and family ties.
Book Four Alternate Currents: An upscale Seattle neighborhood is the scene of ugly crimes linked to bigotry and madness, and a child with too many parents .
Book Five A Current Deception: Back on the sea again sailing around Australia along with yellow crazy ants, a bacterial menace, and a master of disguise bent on revenge and murder.

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This is an excellent time to get acquainted with Darcy Farthing and friends with the sixth and final series installment, Currents of Sin, available in print and ebook formats. Or begin at the beginning with Currents Deep and Deadly.

Darcy Farthing Series Finale – Book Six: Currents of Sin

I visualize my life current and other people’s currents flowing along on parallel courses mostly unfelt, running deep below the surface, then suddenly colliding, causing all manner of change and adjustment. When my current collided with Mick’s, as often happens, I took on some of his overspill, and he mine.”   –Darcy Farthing

 A Word from the Author

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Darcy is a writer, pragmatic scientist, and loyal friend and partner. Her intelligence, high degree of morality, and troubled past make her a complex endearing protagonist. In this book, true to her nature, when she tries to rescue teenagers from the Las Vegas streets, she becomes embroiled in a dangerous three-way war between human traffickers, Asian gangs, and the Las Vegas police.

Currents of Sin is the final installment of Darcy Farthing’s five-year adventures. While this book brings satisfying closure to the ongoing plots and characters’ lives, it can be read as a stand-alone as can the other books in the series.

When I began the writing, I knew that human trafficking was a world-wide scourge on humanity and that traffickers often target vulnerable teens. But as I researched the topic in depth, I realized the problem was more insidious and far reaching than I imagined. One goal I have for Currents of Sin is that along with entertaining the reader it might further raise awareness about human trafficking and what is required to end it.

That being said, the book is not as depressing as the subject might indicate. In fact, it encompasses a wide range of relationships and emotional responses with optimistic and uplifting outcomes.

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Homeless teens are disappearing from the streets of Las Vegas. Investigative reporter, Darcy Farthing, travels to Sin City to find a missing girl, Pammie Fleetfoot. Working with her friend and former LA cop, Tom Smythe, she soon learns the tragic reality of street teens caught in human trafficking for prostitution controlled by Asian gangs. Darcy and Tom form a bond with two frightened teen prostitutes, but soon after the two confront the girls’ young pimp, he is brutally murdered. Darcy blames herself and fears for the girls’ safety. When they refuse her offer of help and will not leave the streets, she realizes a self-styled neighborhood preacher has a mysterious hold on them. Meanwhile, violence and abductions are escalating.

While in Vegas, Darcy is staying with her best friend, Sid, who is receiving threats from an anonymous caller. Darcy fears that her meddling with traffickers is endangering Sid. In a shocking twist, a horrific accident changes everything, and Darcy is convinced it was deliberately orchestrated. Despite being injured, she won’t leave Vegas until she determines who is responsible, and what happened to Pammie. Darcy’s husband, Mick, a government investigator who’s been fighting depression, rushes to join her. With his help, she discovers a startling connection between the human traffickers, the accident, and an old enemy intent on revenge. When the police and FBI finally raid the traffickers’ prostitution ring, Darcy is caught between two vicious criminal networks.

Far from the mysterious adventures of Darcy Farthing, a delightful children’s book

Sometimes Naughty-Always Loved: Mary and Her Big Cat Brain

Amazon   Barnes&Noble   A delightful children’s book provides a gentle lesson in the meaning of unconditional love from the perspective of a very smart tabby named Mary.  “Sometimes Naughty–Always Loved: Mary and Her Big Cat Brain.” Check out the preview video. $2.99-ebook; $9.99 or $16.99 for paper.

A lovely story with beautiful illustrations provides a little more text than the usual picture book, in order to help children develop their early reading skills.